What To Expect As A Cancer Patient



Being diagnosed with cancer may suddenly seem to put the control of your life into the hands of others, but Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina wants to make you as comfortable as possible throughout your cancer journey. Learn what to expect as a cancer patient and how to prepare for your radiation therapy care.

Becoming a Cancer Patient
Your initial consultation

Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina cancer patients are typically referred by their Surgeon, Primary Care doctor, Urologist, OBGYN, Medical Oncologist, or other treating physician. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, call Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina to discuss an initial consultation. During this consultation, you will meet your Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina team to discuss your specific type of cancer, effective types of radiation therapy used to treat it, the results you might expect from your cancer treatment, and what will happen to you physically as you go through treatment. After you give them permission, they can also obtain copies of all the necessary health records from your other doctors. By the time your initial consultation is over, you will be well informed about your treatment and why the radiation therapy recommended is the right choice for your particular situation. You will not receive a radiation treatment at your initial consultation.


“If you come here, you’ve got the best of the best - there’s not even a question. I credit my survival to this amazing organization. They are truly amazing.” -Jackie, lung cancer survivor


Preparing for your consultation

Ask a friend or family member to come with you. He or she can help you prepare for your treatments, remember instructions and be there for you with emotional and practical support. Have your medical records and imaging from your regular doctor or Oncologist (or ask that they be sent to Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina beforehand). Do not forget your insurance card and any referral forms your insurance provider may require, as well as any co-pays. Feel free to call their office before you come in. A staff member will figure out what you need to bring and can help you with any insurance or referral paperwork. Bring questions! In the days before your consultation, write down any that come to mind.

Sample questions to ask

How is the radiation therapy administered?
How will I feel during cancer treatment?
What are the side effects from my particular form of radiation therapy?
What should I eat while undergoing therapy? Are there any foods I should stay away from?
What will my insurance cover? Is financial support available?
Should I continue my current medications?
How will my cancer treatment affect my other health conditions?
Will I be able to drive myself to my treatments?

The more you know about what to expect during your radiation therapy before it actually begins, the less stressful it will be. Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina goes to great lengths to make sure you know what to expect as a cancer patient by preparing you with detailed information and answering all of your questions. They encourage all of their patients to reach out to their Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina team whenever you feel uncertain or you are not sure what to do or what comes next.

To learn more about what to expect as a cancer patient, visit Radiation Therapy Associates of Western North Carolina online at www.asheville.21co.com.

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