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Through a state-of-the-art procedure called denture stabilization, patients of Charles Delaine, D.M.D. of Delaine Dental in Flat Rock enjoy more normal chewing with more securely fitting dentures that feel better than traditional dentures and perform more like natural teeth.

Most patients Dr. Delaine treats with denture stabilization require only lower denture stabilization, but many patients enjoy upper denture stabilization, as well. Denture stabilization involves Dr. Delaine simply putting mini-implants into the jaw; this provides patients with a much more stable fit that allows for more comfort and better chewing. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and typically takes an hour or less. Most patients don’t need any pain medicine other than perhaps an over-the-counter pain reliever. Right after the procedure, patients can eat and drink normally. For the first few weeks after the procedure, patients leave the dentures in and simply clean under the them with an oral irrigator like a Waterpik. At the end of that period, patients come back in to Delaine Dental for a check-up and cleaning. Normally, after that, patients are able to start taking care of their dentures at home themselves by simply snapping them in and out. To complement their home care, patients come to Delaine Dental for affordably priced cleanings three times a year. In addition to experiencing a much better fit and more normal chewing, patients who have denture stabilization at Delaine Dental are able to taste food better because the dentures don’t cover the roof of the mouth, thus exposing the patient’s own palate for tasting. Patients who have had denture stabilization by Dr. Delaine at Delaine Dental report that the procedure has been life-changing and more satisfying than wearing traditional dentures. In addition to providing denture stabilization, Delaine Dental is a full-service dental practice that offers preventative care, smile restoration, dental implants and more. A variety of insurance and payment options are accepted. With personalized care and a compassionate approach, Dr. Delaine and his team at Delaine Dental strive to treat patients like family with love and kindness.


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